Johnny Rowland is from rural Northwest Louisiana and grew up on a farm learning to work as well as dream. His country upbringing gave him a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors as well as serving as a foundation for his work in mechanical engineering and design.

A gifted student, vocalist, and athlete, Johnny studied voice at Centenary College in Shreveport, LA, while still in high school. He gained All-State honors for basketball and was offered athletic scholarships to play in college, as well as a congressional recommendation to attend West Point Military Academy in New Youk, the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. Instead. he chose to continue his education at Northeast University at Monroe, LA and later at Louisiana Tech at Ruston, LA studying Agriculture and Business, but was drawn toward the entertainment industry. Leaving college, Johnny embarked on what would become a long and colorful journey (still ongoing!) as a professional entertainer and musician, producer, talk show host, television personality, and engineer. He has performed shows over much of the US and Canada and has had two nationally charted recordings he has written and performed as well as several regional hits, with his most recent recording of “Defending The USA” still being played on Armed Forces radio outlets. To date, he has written and performed several music videos and his video entitled:, “My Mustang” can be seen on Youtube.

Working as an entertainer, (and at a lot of other jobs along the way), Johnny began moonlighting as a DJ with some music color commentary; this humble beginning in radio evolved into an eight year stint as a nationally broadcast radio talk show host on the American Freedom Network. In 1991, he invented “Gun TV” with the original “Shooting Show” and went on to air over 500 of these shows nationwide on satellite and cable. In addition to this program, he also produced and hosted “Outdoor Family Adventures”, “Guns and Gears”– a show about guns and hot rods, “The Diesel Show”– a program about diesel performance and technology, and “The Gospel Show”– a show about better living through the Judeo-Christian faith. All totaled, Johnny Rowland has produced and served as host for over 800 nationally televised programs.

Always an inventor and designer and gun enthusiast, Johnny developed the world famous 460 Rowland cartridge and guns chambered for it.
This “magnumized” .45 caliber shell supplies .44 Magnum power to semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, and carbines, but with much less noise and recoil than would be expected from such a powerful round.
The 460 Rowland chambering and gun combination is one of the most important small arms advancements in the last 100 years and has gone on to be the most successful independently developed cartridge in firearms history. 460 Rowland, LLC, (www.460rowland.com) a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in which Johnny is a partner, markets 460 Rowland conversion kits for 1911 style pistols and Glock and Springfield XD pistols, Ruger and Smith & Wesson revolvers chambered for the 460 Rowland shell, 460 Rowland Mech-Tech Carbine Conversion Units, and
AR-15 type carbines in 460 Rowland chambering. Also offered is a full line of 460 Rowland personal defense and hunting ammo.

Johnny Rowland and his “Shooting Show” have been featured in:

Shooting Times Magazine
Guns and Ammo Magazine
Soldier of Fortune Magazine
Shotgun News
Guns Magazine
Gun Week
The Philidelphia Enquirer Newspaper
American Handgunner Magazine
The Minden-Press Herald Newspaper
And a number of international publications

The 460 Rowland cartridge has its own Wikipedia page and is now listed in Janes’s Cartridges of the World in London, UK. For more information, it is suggested that one Google: 460 Rowland, as the references are far too numerous to list here.

Johnny Rowland has been featured on:

NBC Latenight
Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio program
The Ken Hamblin Radio Show
And many other radio and TV programs (besides his own)

Some of the more popular shooting related features have been:

The Texas Ranger Museum in Waco, Texas
IPSC and IDPA Action Shooting Matches
Soldier of Fortune Magazine Three Gun Shooting Matches Hands-on, shooting through the camera, gun tests Play-by-play progress on developing the 460 Rowland cartridge and guns Civil War Re-enactments The Springfield Armory Museum in Springfield, Massachusetts GRASS Action Shooting (a shooting discipline developed by Johnny Rowland) Long Range Silhouette Shooting Competitions The Masters Shooting Tournament in Barry Illinois Multi-State Shooting Show Fun Gun Weekends and Expos Ed McGivern, expert historical shootist The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming The Smith & Wesson Historical Exhibit Cowboy Action Shooting Matches The West Point Military Academy Instructional Series with Col. Art Alphin Jerry Miculek, fastest revolver shooter in the world (8 shots in one second) The National Rifle Association Whittington Center in New Mexico The Alamo Wilson-Combat factory tour Gunsite Training Center Numerous Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Shows (international attendees) Bob Munden, fast-draw expert And many, many more !

Memorable live interviews include:

Col. Rex Applegate– world famous combat expert and authority Bill Jordan– legendary US Border Patrol officer and author Jim Clark, Sr.– world renowned pistolsmith Col. Jeff Cooper– legendary firearms authority and author Steve Forbes of Forbes Magazine Irlene Mandrell, well known entertainer and shooting enthusiast US Senator Bob Smith Patrick Buchanan, well known political commentator and author Col. Robert K. Brown, founder and publisher of Soldier of Fortune Magazine Roy Jinks, Smith & Wesson historian Col. “Bo” Gritz, well known military personality and author US Representative Jim McCrery J.D. Jones, of SSK Industries, world famous handgun hunter

Johnny Rowland and “The Shooting Show” have raised funding for:

Gun Owners of America
The National Rifle Association
Wish Upon A Star Foundation
Ladies Charity Classic
And many other deserving causes

Johnny Rowland has been called on many occasions for expert opinions on legislative and legal concerns.

Johnny Rowland has rendered product assistance for:

Sturm, Ruger– the .45 Colt Redhawk revolver Smith & Wesson– the 657 Mountain revolver (3000 units produces, $1,200,000 gross for S&W)

Dan Wesson Firearms– the 460 Rowland revolver Kimber Custom Shop Georgia Arms Ammunition– load development CorBon Ammunition– load development Buffalo Bore Ammunition Starline Brass Mech-Tech Systems– 460 Rowland Carbine Conversion Unit
MGI-Military– 460 Rowland gas and recoil operated carbines (other related developments on request)

Automotive and outdoor features have included:

The Shelby Cobra Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada Snowmobile Adventures in the Snowy Mountain Range in Wyoming Fun Ford Weekend Drag Racing and Show Series Retro-Rides “New” 1969 Camaro production in Spanish Fork, Utah Factory Five Cobra Spec Racing Series Diesel Hot Rod Association Drag Racing and Pulling Series Noble-Superformance cars in Ohio Colorado Sand Cars Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer on coal-to-diesel fuel Comp Cams Factory tour Snow Performance Water-Methanol feature STS Remote Turbo install and dyno testing Sturman Industries Cam-less Engine feature Richard “Mad Dog” Madsen’s 1000 horsepower Cummins Diesel pickup truck Scheid Diesel’s Diesel Powered Dragster The Mid-America Truck Show in Louisville, Kentucky Specialty Equipment Marketing Association Show in Las Vegas, Nevada (the largest custom car show in the world) (and many,many more!)

Rowland Prototypes and Concepts:

The Rowland Turbo Generator– makes free electricity from internal combustion exhaust gases; useful to extend the range of hybrid cars and trucks as well as assisting the recharge of heavy truck battery packs

The ThunderMaxx Super Performance package for cars and trucks

The FastBack Aerodynamic pickup truck bed cover

Helmet Cam– a helmet mounted rear-view camera useful for industrial, sports, police, and military applications

Rowland 464, 465, and 960 cartridges and guns

Rowland Motorcycle-to-Trike Conversions
(more invention information upon request)

The newest frontier for Johnny Rowland is his new Tea Party Channel which will soon be up and running on the internet. This innovative new web site will feature action and adventure videos, music videos, revolutionary health and product information, as well as regular updates and news of interest to “Boomers” and Tea Partiers. Stay tuned; the best is yet to come!